Shiatsu, Tai Chi & Yoga in Twickenham

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Tai Chi  and  Qi Gong      - click on Noticeboard tab for details of current classes

My practice of  tai chi and qi gong spans 20+ years and I’ve been teaching for 10 years. My principal  teacher is Paul Crompton.


Currently I teach the Yang style 24-step Simplified Form, a short Yang style Sword Form , a short Sun style Form  , and a range of qi gong exercises.


My interest in tai chi started from an interest in the health benefits as well as an attraction to the aesthetic grace of the movements, and grew out of a number of years being taught yoga by Felicity.



My practice of shiatsu spans 20+ years. My principal  teachers are Ken Waight,  David Home & Bryony Williams  (British School of Oriental Therapy and Movement),  Graham Crisp and Chris Osborne (Ki Kai Shiatsu Centre) and Michael Rose.


I’m  a registered practitioner  (FwSS)  with the Shiatsu Society UK


My name's Tony Jenni. I'm a shiatsu practitioner and tai chi teacher living in Twickenham, Middlesex (SW London, near Richmond and Kingston). My wife, Felicity teaches yoga (see below).


Shiatsu treatments are  in Twickenham and regular  public tai chi classes are in Twickenham and Clapham Junction (near the station). Public yoga classes are in Fulham. Private tai chi and yoga classes can also be arranged in Twickenham.




My name is Felicity. I've been teaching yoga for some 30 years and now live in Twickenham with my husband, Tony (above).


My training / qualification is with the Iyengar school of yoga.


My public classes are in Fulham (SW London) and I also teach  private classes - one to one,  or small groups. waterfall