Shiatsu, Tai Chi & Yoga in Twickenham

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Shiatsu may help with a wide range of problems e.g. back pain, headaches, migraines, painful / stiff joints, menstrual problems, poor sleep patterns, digestive problems, sports injuries, depression, stress, tension


For more information on shiatsu contact The Shiatsu Society


Shiatsu is a natural healing touch therapy originating from Japan. Like acupuncture, Its theoretical basis is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Shiatsu works by stimulating the body's vital energy flow (known as Ki in Japanese) along the ‘meridians’ (or energy lines) of the body  in order to promote good health.


Hands, thumbs & fingers are used by the practitioner to apply gentle pressure, and stretches to the body and manipulate / rotate the joints. Physically, shiatsu has the effect of stimulating the circulation, the hormone system and the flow of lymphatic fluid, working on both divisions of the autonomic nervous system and helping to release toxins and deep seated tension from the muscles etc.


Shiatsu is received fully clothed (wear loose, comfortable reasonably warm clothes) lying on a comfortable futon mattress on the floor.  A treatment session lasts about 1 hour although the actual hands–on treatment will typically be about 40 mins. The session will usually also consider lifestyle and nutrition as part of an overall approach.


Many receivers report a sense of both deep relaxation combined with a feeling of increased energy and sense of wellbeing.  

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Treatments - £50. Appointments - please  contact Tony on 0792 609 5184 or send email via Contact button below.   


Courses / Shiatsu training - please contact Tony.

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