Shiatsu, Tai Chi & Yoga in Twickenham

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Tai Chi consists of a series of soft, relaxed, slow  movements combined into a sequence called a form.


It is recognised as being good for stress, body posture, blood pressure and general health.


It helps bring calmness, relaxation, fluidity and balance to the body, mind and emotions.


Qi Gong means life-energy exercise or training. It consists of a wide range of moving postures designed  to promote health and well-being.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong


It differs from tai chi in that the postures / movements are often self contained and not linked together into a sequence/ form.


Its best to wear soft clothing in which its easy to move when doing tai chi and qi gong   eg. tracksuit bottoms or easy fit cotton trousers,T-shirt (traditionally long sleeves are worn)  and gym shoes with flat thin soles. Also bring something warm if the weather is cool.

Public classes

TBA                                                          St John's Hill Peabody Trust Estate, Wandsworth  

Mondays 1pm                                       Kneller Gardens , Twickenham


Click on links above for location maps. NB When weather is fine the DERA Hall/ Twickenham weekly class is held outside in Kneller Gardens.  Check Noticeboard for recent announcements and dates / times of current / next  6 week term for weekly classes in Twickenham. Please note these change each 6-week term.  


Prices - £4.50 per class at Peabody EstateMonday class;  DERA Hall / Kneller Gardens-  £12 per class for the classes you can make, payable in advance at the beginning of each  6 week term .


Private classes - please contact Tony :  

Contact BengalTiger